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Office, factory, shop or oil rig… it's karaoke wherever you call work

A fun way to end your away day? A celebration of your businesses birthday? Maybe gather your heads of department and surprise your staff at the Christmas party with a music video (like in the above video) You may even want to show your customers your lighter side and post onto social media?


With work-oke, it's like marry-oke, but, yes…at your work or party venue!

We come with camera and speakers to film you and your colleagues miming and dancing to a song of your choice and then edit it your own music video!



How does it work?

We will work with you to break down a song to give one or two sentences for you to sing, but don’t worry you can learn it on the day too!

And if you have someone a little shy, that's no problem we will give them an easy part or perhaps swinging their arms in the background!


However, show offs are highly encouraged!

Like the sound of it? Contact us and let us know where yours would take place and we will get back with a quote.