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Video production services shooting weddings, event, corporate videos… and everything in-between.

Save the Dog video productions is run by videographers meaning your final product will be well looked after from planning, filming to editing. We are visual storytelling creatives bringing a fresh artistic approach, no matter what content we are producing.


We love filmmaking so let's make something great together! Whether that is to self promote, create a brand or convey a message, using the latest production kit we will create a video that will get the job done.


So contact us and start a conversation with Jon on email or telephone.



editors keyboard Studio setup with camera mic and light

Pre Production

Save the Dog Productions will discuss your filming requirements with you until we fully understand exactly your aims for the video, who is your target audience and where will it be shown?


We can then advise you, to fit around your budget, on scripting/ideas, required amount of cameras, and the best way to capture audio and delivery.


HD and 4k cameras, broadcast audio equipment will be used to bring your production alive.


Whether it is selecting shots at an event with our Sony cameras on a tripod for a panel talk, or Go Pro for a car interior, we strive to film striking images so your video connects directly to your audience in the most professional and engaging way.


Post-Production & Delivery

Within the editing suite communication continues to be key, as we strive to craft you the best final video production we can, consulting you with decisions as we go until we reach the final product.


Once you are happy we will arrange to deliver in the following formats: MPEG-4, Quicktime, DVD or Blu-Ray.



How we craft your video production...

big close up of eye brow being threaded arms of a man holding a drink at a festival camera lens in focus pointing at a panel of people who are out of focus camera filming in a ikea type kitchen a man sits in from of paintings being interviewed hand writes on a a pad with a pen

Property tour/ real estate video