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Testimonial and stand alone interviews videos to voice your message

Talking head interviews, testimonials for a brand or just a simple YouTube vlog style looking straight into camera, we can provide the exact interview set up for your budget.  

We will work with you on your script and guide the interview subject on the day with an easy going relaxed approach so they will feel at ease while achieving your objective and aims every single time.


Maybe it’s a crowd-funding video to gain funding or a CEO being interviewed for a web site, this is a great away to get your message across quickly and cheaply.


We are storytellers so the filmmaker attending will strive to work in an imaginative approach making your interview video engaging and effective.  

We produced this interview promo video to help encourage young people to apply for jobs in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. In a series of films, this interview showcased Chris from Eltham Palace who started as a volunteer and then was able to secure a full time job.


We set up a couple of lights to help light Chris' face but had to be light and portable as we walked around Eltham Palace to capture quick cut aways in the limited time we had. Visit Greenwich then used this on their web site, social media and in the job centre.

Testimonial interview

Lyvly curated communities

Lyvly asked us to produce a two camera interview set up with one of their landlords and intercut this with footage of them looking around their new refurbished house.


The interviewees were quite nervous so we kept the lightning set up simple as not to intimidate them and also had a small camera off to one side to vary the angles if needed in the edit.


Lyvly came pre prepared with questions, and we worked together to get the best testimonial answers from the interviewees by just keeping the camera rolling and keeping the atmosphere light and airy!  

Promo interview video

Visit Greenwich